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Ask balances or write something from the heart should not happen one Friday , but it seems that was given. is giving, as the words come from my hands alone, thoughtful, heartfelt, expressing how happy I am, feeling stronger … I do not see me as someone easy to tread, I can not look at me and see the ugliness of my reflection but what it has to offer, allowing me to play with light and dark to mutate the color of my eyes … Recognize that not all of my being salvageable , first seeing a smile that rarely appeared before and now .. . Refuse to go, Click here.

Remember what I asked in my failed pilgrimage to the seven churches on Holy Thursdayand already I saw two of my three compliments … thank orders after praying for her and happy sleep . We need to say thanks, do things in life , do not, do not feel ashamed to certain things, not afraid to tell someone to / to do / to . I do not care much (perhaps eventually stop caring) what they think, is not a factor that changes my mood and peace as some vezlo was . I accept criticism when it comes on good terms but I could learn to crap (to use another term is downplaying) in humans type amoeba that abound in the world trying to project its retrograde unhappiness on the other , coat or whatever you have built, is there and it is strong . Give peace, security … There are things I can no longer reach circuses of which I am not part nor be again , tears that have been dormant for lack of use and eyes that have recovered a shine to look who believed lost forever. This space gave me, and gives much , asked me why I write long, and added daily, why not stop writing , by whom or for what I write? … And I said I did not write for me, or anyone , anyone could read, I just write for me . Not for me but for my. Sounds weird but I understood quickly, this small space of catharsis, became something important in my life .A place to do self-therapy, let my fears and laugh at them , understand, accept and follow,because life goes on and we lost a lot of time lamenting, creating faults that serve no one, especially me and those around me. I’m not afraid of being wrong and pay the consequences of those mistakes because fall is learned, it is not fun banging , but get up and laugh along with the others what happened and go, oh, that if it is . I do not have all that required me see, help me laugh at things, the past, my past , laughing at myself , what a joke is for the rest of the world when I can laugh at what happens to me? do find useful and interesting to when they see teasing accomplish nothing and humourous believed it mocked? Then, only then , everything takes on a new meaning .

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